Reference company in the mold production for plastic materials sector


40 years of passion

We have been working in the molds for plastic material and aluminium alloy sector for more than 40 years. Our technical experience has grown notably, even in the most varied sectors, and we constantly invest in the most modern and cutting-edge technical equipment.

Our history

  • 1980: CB Stampi was established by Mr. Carraro and Mr. Bazzan.
  • 1996: The company grows, investing important resources in its installed machines, to which new technologies were added.
  • 2000: CB Stampi moves from Cavazzale to its current headquarters in Povolaro, a suburb of Dueville, where it purchases the land and buildings.
  • 2003: CB Stampi acquires Stropol, a historical company that markets and distributes technological capsules for plastic bottles; this is how CB Caps originated, today a reference point for some of the biggest European brands of cosmetics.
  • 2005: CB Stampi acquires a new storage area of 500 m2.
  • 2006: First article produced using bi-injection technology.
  • 2007: Generation change and new management. Strategic figures with expert engineering skills are inserted.
  • 2008: The bi-injection presses in the pressing department increase from 1 to 3.
  • 2010: Installation of the flow rail system in the warehouse to amplify the storage capacity.
  • 2013: Offices completely renovated.
  • 2016: New CNC machine with 5-axis technology.
  • 2017: New Mitsubishi 4-axis wire EDM machine for high precision finishes
  • 2018: Another Mitsubishi die-sinking EDM machine with digital drive
  • 2019: Growing business leads to the implementation of a production management and planning system, plus a new press is added to the pressing department.
  • 2020: Instead of celebrating 40 years of business, we find ourselves having to manage the COVID-19 emergency with our strengths and our resources... all united and aware that only team spirit can make the difference.
  • 2021: One year later we are rolling up our sleeves once again to face new challenges with the DETERMINATION, COURAGE AND ENERGY that have always characterised us. A new cutting-edge FULL ELECTRIC press comes into play.
  • 2022: audit of workplaces, ongoing employee training, to return an accurate picture of how our company is handling the skills that today's market demands.
  • 2023: inclusion of a new competency in the sales area for new markets and to enable always deal with new challenges; comprehensive and continuing education to bridge the gap between the skills required by companies and the training of young and old employees.
  • 2024: Purchase of a new injection molding machine for plastics the TOYO Si 100-6S F75E is a CE-compliant all-electric machine.
    Research, development and introduction of a new article in range “Delta” for 29/21 neck ENTIRELY DEVELOPED AND BUILT IN-HOUSE
A united company

A tenacious, close-knit team

CB Stampi is so much more than a company: we are a cohesive team of people who believe in the values that motivate us daily
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