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Moulds for the food industry

CB Stampi is the ideal partner for all companies looking for a partner that specialises in the production of plastic moulds for the food industry. Thanks to our decades of experience and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to manufacture high quality and precision moulds that fully meet our customers' needs. In fact, we specialise in the manufacture of highly technical moulds, which therefore require great expertise in both their design and construction, and high-performance multi-cavity moulds with very fast cycles.

The long working experience of more than 40 years gained by the entire team in the field of plastic moulds has also allowed us to refine and expand our know-how with decidedly innovative methods and technical skills. Every day we succeed in ensuring and guaranteeing our customers excellent, high-performance products for all kinds of industrial purposes.

Moulds for Plastic Food Items

Starting from a foundation of excellence, we place even greater emphasis on the quality of the end product resulting from the application of our plastic moulds in relation to the food industry. In fact, making moulds for the food industry is not only a challenge we have accepted for some time, but a mission we carry out, counting numerous successes on a daily basis.

Our moulds for the food industry are designed to guarantee perfect reproducibility of parts and high durability, as well as an excellent surface finish. For in-house production, we use selected, first-class, high-quality plastic material. In this way, we can guarantee maximum hygiene and food safety, while fully complying with current food-safety regulations.

We believe in strong, trusting relationships

At CB Stampi we pride ourselves on customer care that starts with taking charge of every project as if it were our own and ends with the delivery of the finished product on time and in impeccable shape. In fact, our mission is to establish a solid relationship with those who rely on us, which goes beyond the mere supply of a product and is based on building a strong professional synergy.

We support our customers in the realisation of tailor-made projects, guaranteeing a precise and accurate service right from the preliminary analysis, through the design and creation of prototypes, to the delivery of the finished product with satisfaction.

CB Stampi also offers some important services that complete the production process for customers in the most demanding sectors:

  • TRACEABILITY: The batch production system guarantees complete product traceability from the raw materials to the final destination of the article.
  • QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM: A fully equipped quality control department certified according to UNI-EN-ISO 9001.
  • WAREHOUSE: A warehouse for storing raw materials and finished product.

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